Parkway Thanks you!

October 19th, 2016

Dear Friends,

                Thank you so much for joining Parkway Automotive at our 2016 Car Care Clinic.  We appreciate your participation during this event, and hope that you found it as fun as we did! Our goal was to connect with our community and build relationships, as well as provide information on how your vehicle works.

                This year, we had a fantastic group with a lot of enthusiasm which helped to make our Annual Car Care Clinic both productive and fun!

                We started with breakfast, then eased into a group discussion presented by owner Mike Davidson, and followed up with several presentations from our staff who all did an excellent job.  To conclude, we were able to once again give away a vehicle to a family in need!

If you would like to contact any members of the staff for questions, please call 501-821-6111 or visit 

Again, we sincerely thank you for your participation and hope to see you at this event next year!



Parkway Automotive


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Sign up for October 15 Car Care Clinic!

October 3rd, 2016

                It’s not too late to sign up for our annual Car Care Clinic!  Visit to sign up today!  Breakfast, classroom discussions with Mike the Auto Guy, and hands on demonstrations with our professionally trained automotive technicians and service advisors!  This is a family friendly event, and it’s free!  Questions?  Call 501-821-6111!  We look forward to seeing you Saturday, October 15, from 9am until Noon!

Your Vote Counts!

September 22nd, 2016

                Parkway Automotive wants YOU to cast your vote!  We welcome you to bring in your entire family to vote for your candidate!  This gives you the opportunity to discuss with your entire family how the Democratic Process works, and help get our young community members interested early!  Every Friday, we will post the results of the voting for that week!vote 

Psst..have you signed up for our Car Care Clinic yet?

September 20th, 2016

                Pssst – hey you!  Have you signed up for Parkway Automotives Annual Car Care Clinic?  I hear Mike the Auto guy is gonna be there!  Visit for more information! 

Just a Month Away!

September 15th, 2016

                Our annual Car Care Clinic is just one month away!  Saturday, October 15 Parkway Automotive invites you to join us for our Free Car Care Clinic!  This is a family friendly event that starts with breakfast, followed by a fun classroom setting where you will learn more about how to care for your vehicle!  Sign up for this event at

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Car Care Clinic is coming up!

September 13th, 2016

                In just over a month, Parkway Automotive will be hosting our Annual Car Care Clinic!  We would like to invite you to breakfast right here at Parkway Automotive, and afterwards we look forward to helping you understand more about caring for your vehicle.  This is a family friendly event that starts at 9am, and should finish up around noon.  This event is also free!  For more information, or to sign up, please visit !  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Parkway Automotive Auto Service and Maintenance Videos: Battery Testing

January 15th, 2016

The simple fact is that 70% of car batteries fail within 4 years. They just need to be replaced when they are no longer able to hold a full charge.

Batteries are a big ticket item for most Little Rock auto owners and it’s tempting to put off buying a new one as long as possible. But a battery that cannot hold a full charge requires the alternator to work extra hard, causing it to wear out prematurely.

Your Parkway Automotive service advisor can test your battery to see if it should be replaced. Testing is a good idea for Arkansas car owners because a battery might still be good, but become dead because of a bad alternator or even a worn serpentine belt and tensioner.

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Automotive Guide for Little Rock: Serpentine Belt System Wear

December 31st, 2015

The primary job of the serpentine belt is to provide vital traction to spin the accessories. As the belt wears it loses some of its grip and the accessories may not spin at prime speeds. For example, if your alternator doesn’t spin fast enough, the battery will not completely recharge while you’re driving and you could end up stranded with a dead battery.

In short, a worn serpentine belt will stress all of the accessories it powers leading to premature wear and possible early replacement. When as little as 5% of belt material is lost, the serpentine belt cannot provide the proper traction for the accessories. Your honest Parkway Automotive service specialist can inspect your belt for excessive wear and replace your serpentine belt system if it’s excessively worn.

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Vehicle Maintenance Videos by Parkway Automotive: Serpentine Belt Overview

December 24th, 2015

Your serpentine belt drives important engine accessories like your alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering. In some automobiles it may also power the power brakes or water pump. The serpentine belt is powered by the engine and winds around pulleys and the accessories. Some vehicles have two serpentine belts.

The serpentine belt, the belt tensioner (which maintains the appropriate tension on the belt) and the idler pulleys are together known as the accessory drive system.

Now your serpentine belt and the belt tensioner will just wear out over time – that’s why your auto manufacturer has a scheduled belt replacement interval. The team at Parkway Automotive in Little Rock can review your serpentine belt for wear and get it replaced if it’s time.

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Tire Tread Depth for Little Rock, Arkansas Drivers

December 17th, 2015

Driving on bald tires is like playing roulette. Though you may be fine today, eventually your luck is going to run out.

The Feds don’t have any laws for tread depth, but 42 of the states, and all of Canada, do have regulations. They consider two-thirty-seconds of an inch to be the minimum legal tread depth. Two other states, including California, consider one-thirty-second to be the minimum and six states have no standards at all. Call us at Parkway Automotive; (just call 501-821-6111) to find out what your requirements are in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

Since 1968, U.S. law has required that a raised bar be molded across all tires. When tires are worn enough that this bar becomes visible, there’s just 2/32” of tread left. But does that older standard give Little Rock drivers enough safety?

Consider this: Consumer Reports recommends tire replacement when tread reaches 4/32”. And the recommendation is backed by some very compelling studies. Now before we go into the studies, you need to know that the critical issue is braking on wet surfaces.

We tend to think of the brakes doing all the stopping, but Little Rock auto owners also need to have effective tires to actually stop the car. When it’s wet or snowy in Little Rock Arkansas, the tread of the tire is critical to stopping power.

Picture this: you’re driving in Little Rock over a water-covered stretch of road. Your tires actually need to be in contact with the road in order to stop. That means the tire has to channel the water away so the tire is actually contacting the road and not floating on a thin film of water – a detrimental condition known as hydroplaning. When there’s not enough tread depth on a tire, it can’t move the water out of the way and you start to hydroplane.

This is where the studies come in. We think Little Rock auto owners will be surprised. A section of a test track was flooded with a thin layer of water. If you laid a dime flat on the track, the water would be deep enough to surround the coin, but not enough to submerge it. 

A car and a full-sized pick-up truck were brought up to 70 mph and then made a hard stop in the wet test area. Stopping distance and time were measured for three different tire depths. First, they tested new tires. Then tires worn to legal limits. And finally, tires with 4/32” of tread were tested (the depth suggested by Consumer Reports.)

When the car with the legally worn tires had braked for the distance required to stop the car with new tires, it was still going 55 mph. The stopping distance was nearly doubled. That means if you barely have room to stop with new tires, then you would hit the car in front of you at 55 mph with the worn tires.

Now with the partially worn tires – at the depth recommended by Consumer Reports – the car was still going at 45 mph at the point where new tires brought the car to a halt. That’s a big improvement – you can see why Consumer Reports and others are calling for a new standard.

Now without going into all the details, let us tell you that stopping the truck with worn tires needed almost 1/10 of a mile of clear road ahead to come to a safe stop. How many Little Rock motorists follow that far behind the truck ahead? Obviously, this is an essential safety issue.

The tests were conducted with the same vehicles, but with different sets of tires. The brakes were the same, so the only variable was the tires.

How do Little Rock auto owners know when their tires are at 4/32”? Well, it’s pretty easy. Just insert a quarter into the tread. Put it in upside down. If the tread doesn’t cover George Washington’s hairline, it’s time to replace your tires. With a Canadian quarter, the tread should cover the numbers in the year stamp.

Now you may remember doing that with pennies. But a penny gives you 2/32” of an inch to Abraham Lincoln’s head. The quarter is the new standard – 4/32”.

Tires are a big ticket item and most motorists in Little Rock, Arkansas want to get thousands of miles out of them. Just remember: driving on bald tires is like playing roulette.

Have Mr. Washington look at your tires today. If he recommends a new set, come see us at Parkway Automotive in Little Rock.

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