Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

My favorite teacher from Van Buren High School (home of the Pointers) was Mrs. Blalock.  She was my world history teacher.  Whatever we were studying, she would dress up like that…. When we studied Asia, she’d dress like that.  Germany, France, Italy… it didn’t matter.  Mrs. Blalock brought drama to History and made it come alive.


Teacher of the Month, Charlotte Pounders with Chris from The Tavern Sports Grill and me.  The flowers she’s holding are from Floral Express.

I’ve always appreciated teachers like Mrs. Blalock.  They invest in our children and don’t get near the appreciation or help they deserve.  I guess that’s why I’ve been helping the PTA in two local schools for the past couple of years by giving back to them 2% of the labor sales of the parents and grandparents of the students from these schools.  And this year, we helped to create a Teacher of the Month program at Chenal Elementary.



I’ve brought some other local businesses that I trust to provide some gifts to each month’s Teacher.  It’s our way of showing appreciation and affirming the job they do.

Teachers are constantly giving to our children and I’m happy to have found a way to give back to them.


Mike Davidson  |  Parkway Automotive

The Auto Guy

P.S.  The next time you have the opportunity, say “Thank You!” to a teacher.  It’ll bring a smile to their face and will make a BIG difference in their day.



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