Truth About Synthetic Oil On KTHV Morning Show

A common myth about synthetic oil is that if you change from conventional oil to synthetic you can never switch back. That is not the case. It is ok and will not cause any harm to your engine. Synthetic oil impregnates the metal and definitely lubricates much better on start up than conventional oils. Most manufactures have started recommending a synthetic blend oil which is sort of like the way I like my tea 1/2 sweet and 1/2 unsweet. It makes me feel healthy. Make sure your repair facility knows what your car requires. Parkway Automotive offers full synthetic oil, synthetic blends and conventional oil. Remember you can schedule online 24/7 at . We offer free round-trip shuttle and a 2year warranty on most services. you can also have 6 months to pay with deferred interest on services of $299 or more.

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