Transmission fluid Change

Subject: 1990 Volvo Model 740 177,750mi. Change transmission oil?


Q:  The transmission fluid has not been changed in over four years. The guy that sold it to me said that two different mechanics told him that in a car this old, you would hurt the car more than you would help it.

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 A: What a great question,

I do believe at one time what they said is a possibility. It used to happen a lot to Chevrolets when they went a long time without a change. However the procedures at Parkway Automotive and by most  NAPA Auto Care Centers are different today . Today we flush the entire system to the point we are getting most of the “stuff” out of it. As I write this it is with trepidation as I believe the possibility is always there, its just that it is not a great a risk as it used to be.


Mike “TheAutoGuy”Davidson


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