The World’s Best Waitress

People came from miles around hoping

to be seated in her section. With a blaze of efficiency and

the accuracy of Robin Hood, you knew your food would arrive piping hot and

exactly as ordered. But that wasn’t why they came. It was the little extras that

made sitting in Gail’s section worth the trip.

Her genuine smile and friendly greeting said, “I’m glad you’re here.” Asking

about your family and caring enough to remember made you feel like family.

Her laugh was contagious, and her work ethic was infectious too. Normally after

a good meal you want to relax. Gail made you want to get up and serve

someone. It’s no wonder the place was always full. Why would you go

anywhere else when you could be served by the world’s best waitress?

Leaving Marks

Gail was a master at making people feel good, treating them with respect

and giving them more than what they paid for. It was one of the marks she’s

left on the world.

I too, am one of her “marks”. You see, Gail is my mom. I’m Mike Davidson of

Parkway Automotive – you may know me as The Auto Guy. I learned a lot about

life, and business, from my mom.

By watching her work to raise three children I learned the value of putting in a

full day’s work. When she’d come home with sore feet, she wouldn’t sit down to

rest; many times she was getting ready to go to her second job. I’d occasionally

catch her taking a nap, but that didn’t last long and seemed to give her a boost of

energy that lasted hours.

A Double Lesson

A lesson she taught me was to treat people better than they expect and to

give people more than they pay for. I began my business with this in mind and

have tried to build my business on this foundation.

Roo t Issues

Most people have had bad experiences with auto repair shops.

What I realized is that most of those problems stem from

the same root issue. I know from personal

experience, and from the testimony

of many others, that too many

shops don’t treat you the way

you’d like to be treated.

• You feel like a number, not a

valued customer

• You are left “in the dark” as

they repair your car

• You are given an estimate, but

if it’s wrong, you are still

expected to pay the new amount

• And if you’re dissatisfied, they just

don’t seem to care

Different Way

I vowed to run Parkway differently. I want to treat people the way I would

want to be treated. The Bible calls this The Golden Rule. I call it, good business.

I know that sounds like a cliche, but it really is my heart. This business is a

reflection on me… and my mom. I want it to be a good reflection. And for that

to happen, we need to take care of you.

n Caring for your car… is pretty simple.

• Our technicians are highly trained

• We invest in state-of-the-art equipment

• Your car will be in our air-conditioned building out of the elements

• And this is the only business we are in – so we are very competent

n Caring for you… is more complex.

When you walk through our door, you have a thousand things on your

mind. And getting your car repaired is probably one of the last things you

want to be dealing with.

We understand how frustrating this can be for you. That’s why we do

everything we can to fully understand your situation, keep you informed

throughout the process, repair your car properly and give you the

assurance that we’ll be here for you should anything not be right.

We know that you can take your car to any number of places to get it

repaired. For you to choose Parkway as your preferred service provider, we

have to do more than care for your car. We have to care for you!

n Caring for Your Time

Professionals set appointments so they don’t waste time

• We’ll reserve an appointment for you so you don’t waste time either

• You can also be taken home or to work in our FREE Shuttle

• We can also pick you up when you car is ready to go

n Caring for Your Peace of Mind

• 100% Guarantee on Parts & Labor –

protects you should anything not be right

• Pre-Trip Inspection –

provides comfort and security as you travel with your family

• Used Car Inspection –

gives you confidence in purchasing a vehicle

n Caring for Your Safety

• 111-Point Visual Inspection –

helps to maintain your car and prevent surprises

• 24/7 Help Line –

gives you access to a trusted advisor whenever you need it

• Nationwide Emergency Service – provides timely help

to keep you from being stranded

A Lasting Legacy

I was given a legacy of a diligent work

ethic, treating people well and giving

people more than they pay for. My job is

to ensure that legacy continues.

When your car needs a repair or

routine service, give us a call to set up an

appointment. We’ll greet you with a

smile, take good care of your car and

strive to give you more than you pay for.

Mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mike Davidson

“The Auto Guy”

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