The Auto Guy Answers Questions July 24th, 2009

2007 Toyota 4 Runner

Q.I bought a 2007 4runner, V8, brand new with 36 miles on it in August 2008. The vehicle surges when the defroster is on mostly and I notice it sometimes with the a/c on. The dealer where we bought it kept it 2 days and couldn’t find what was wrong with it but scraped varnish off the motor of the throttle?? Needless to say, that didn’t fix the problem. We then took it several months later to another dealer who told us that was a problem with the 2007 model and the problem was fixed with the 2008 models when they put something on the, I think compressor, to make it stay on all the time and not go on and off so that you would not notice the surging. What can you tell me about this and is there anything that Toyota will do to fix the problem on my 2007? I LOVE the vehicle but that becomes annoying and sometimes makes the vehicle lunge forward sometimes when you take off and are not expecting it. The vehicle is still under manufacturers warranty with around 11,200 miles on it. I would appreciate your input. I watch you on channel 7 but unfortunately can’t get through to ask you there.

Thanks, Sharon

A. I am a little surprised at the answer. As far as not being able to repair, when the A/C comes on there is an automatic raise of the idle to compensate for the additional engine load. I suspect that that idle speed needs adjusting. However, there may not be an adjustment for that system so I would ask them to go a little deeper to determine if a component is not working correctly. Which means it may show to be in specifications but still not performing as expected?



2005 Mazda 3

Q. We bought an 05 Mazda 3 for our daughter and it never seems to cool off enough.  When it was new, bubbles came through the air conditioner vents when she went through a car wash.  Other trash has done that also making us suspect that something was not connected properly.  We had the dealership look at it and they didn’t find anything.  We’ve just put up with the unsatisfactory cooling since then.

A. The a/c system itself is sealed.  However, It sounds like the fresh air duct is not sealed allowing outside air and stuff in at anytime. I would look at how the fresh air comes into the vehicle and determine if there is an outside air leak. You probably want to take it to a NAPA Auto Care Center like Parkway Automotive to help find the problem. It will be a difficult repair- which means it will be an expensive one…



1999 Oldsmobile intrigue

Q. I need help – I have a 99 intrigue. My signal lights are going out right after I replace the bulb. The car also has a problem going up hills I changed the fuel filter and bought new spark plugs and wires and it still has problems what should I do.


A. Your car is equipped with an OBD 2 diagnostic system. It monitors your fuel management. For the running problem it will need to go in for diagnostics by a mechanic who has a piece of test equipment called a “Tech 2”. Most NAPA Auto Care Centers like Parkway Automotive  have the capability  As far as the bulb I believe an electrical systems test on that particular circuit will show it to have a direct short to ground.




1987 Chevy truck

Q. Mr. Davidson,

I watch you on channel 7,THE AUTO GUY, Great show .

I have a 1987 Chevy 4WD.When I apply the brakes, the truck pulls hard to the left, and then ease off the brake pedal, goes back to the right.

Could you please tell me what the problem might be?

I had MIDAS put new Brakes on and they couldn’t correct the problem.


Thank you So MUCH


A, Look for a problem with the suspension. Your control arm bushings or ball joints are most likely worn causing the suspension to move excessively when you are braking. A NAPA Auto Care Center like Parkway Automotive Services can do that work for you. Go to our website and click on the Napa Auto care logo to find a shop near you.

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