Tell me your experience with Extended Warranty policies…….

I want to post my thoughts on extended warranties but first please respond with your personal experience with Extended Warranties…..

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  1. Well, obviously I am in the business of VSC’s & Extended Warranties… that said, I would never personally drive without one. I own (2) Infiniti automobiles; a Nissan, a Chevy Siverado & (2) Harley Davidson motorcycles; I have either a factory warrant or extended warranty of each of them. In fact I just purchased a new 3-yr/unlimited warranty on my Road Glide HD; just had the wife’s Q45 in the dealer for an O2 sensor replacement [under warranty].

    So my experience is not only one of a business owner who markets [quality] warranties; I have experienced firs-hand why everyone needs to be covered… trust me when I tell you, ALL vehicles breakdown… it’s only a matter of when…!!!

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