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Hot Lincoln Overheating

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Q: Hello Mike, I saw u on the morning show the other day and was hoping for some help. I have a 96 Linclon Mark VIII that runs hot sometimes. When u drive it very long the temp will top out, sometimes the resorvior will boil over, not always but it has me scared to drive it. I put it in the ford place here in Crossett, they put a radiator, thermostat and a water pump on and the same problem still occurs. I had the resorvior checked for gas fumes it was negative. There’s no water in the oil or oil in the water the car starts and runs great. The mechanic was baffled, he hooked it up to the computer and when the temp goes up he said the car was only a few degrees above what it should be. He said there’s no signs at all of a cracked head or block. The two top hoses on the radiator will get hot but the bottom hose does not like it’s not cirulating.  Help!!!!!!!!





A: Monitor engine temperature in the Data for NO MORE than 210 Degrees F. If the temperature exceeds that, confirm engine temperature by ‘shooting’ the thermostat housing with a non contact thermometer.overheating concern exists. If the cooling fans are operational, check for the presence of Hydrocarbons (HC’s) in the cooling system. If none are present, try another brand of thermostat.

2. If the reading is similar to the scanner reading, an