Runnin’ On Empty


Higher gas prices are causing more drivers to stretch each tank as far as possible. AAA is delivering gas to over 15,000 stranded motorists each month, which is up almost 13%.

Driving on an almost empty tank can cause expensive repairs to a vehicle.  Most newer cars have the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank. The fuel sloshing around in the tank is what helps keep the fuel pump motor from running hot. So a consistently low fuel tank could lessen the lifespan of an expensive ($500 and up) fuel pump.  Run low on fuel and your fuel pump is working overtime!
Running near empty can also cause any sediment that has accumulated in the tank to be more aggresive towards clogging the fuel pump, fuel filters and fuel injectors.  Keeping your tank above 1/4 full, will insure a longer life for your fuel pump.

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