Oil Change Service: How often do you really need it?

Here is the bottom line on regular oil change maintenance:  If you have purchased a new car since 2002 then it does not require the traditional 3,000 mile oil change interval.  Here in Little Rock at Parkway, we once surveyed twenty-five car makes and came up with an average service interval of 7,500 miles!  It’s easy to see simple savings in your oil change costs here.

It really boils down to fuel management and quality of engine oil.  The fuel systems are sealed, closely monitored and adjusted as you drive so the engine’s oil gets less contaminates.  The air filter is also better than the old days.  So when getting your oil changed a good rule of thumb is every 5,000 miles.  Although some oils’ services can go farther, other items on your car need to have a mechanic look at them to be sure they are in proper working order; such as rotating tires and checking brakes.

Hope this saves you a buck and helps your car too!

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