Dead Mercury (Ford/Nissian)

Q. I have a 1999 Mercury Villager.  My car has quit on me 2 times in the last months or so.  It feels like is has slipped out of gear and the motor revs up, them a second or 2 later it kind of lundges, and then does it again, when I start pulling off of the road, it dies.  I try to crank it, but it won’t.  I have to wait about 30 mins or so, them it will crank back up.  The first time this happened the check engine light came on, my husband took it and put it on the computer, and the code that came up was not even a part on my car.  The second time the light did not come on, but it acted the exact same way both times it happened.  I hope you can help me a little bit.




A. At the distributor, back probe the Orange (OG) wire and the White (WH) wire and check for a good 0-5v square wave on each wire when cranking the engine.

2. If either wire does not have a good signal, disconnect the distributor and verify there is 5v on each wire with key on from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Then check the Black/White (BK/WH) wire for battery voltage and the Black/Red (BK/RD) wire for good ground.

3. If the power and ground are good and the signal wires have 5v with the distributor disconnected, verify the distributor is turning and that the optical sensor inside is not dirty or damaged. If OK, replace the distributor and recheck operation. 

A new distrubutor may be purchased from NAPA retail price is  $349. for anew one part number is 9520715

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