An Essay Written by the Owner’s Son

Parkway Automotive Services


            Some businesses are started because of a man’s dreams. Others are started because of a person’s wish, but Parkway Automotive Services was started simply because the owner, Mike Davidson, was out of a job. He had recently lost a job at an automotive repair center. So he started his own business.

            With an entire list of things to do before he could start the business, hard work was an instant attribute for the business. Within a period of five weeks, he had to do the following: get a tax ID number, telephone numbers, create accounts with vendors, hire staff, acquire equipment, and implement a marketing plan. He also had to remodel his building, set up the parking and storage area, and advertise the business. Even with all of these things to be concerned about, he focused on building the business on Biblical principles rather than just the well known business rules.

            While most businesses focus on making sure people trust their quality and skills, Parkway Automotive focuses on building trust and personal friendships with its customers. What keeps the business going is their “trust in people trusting us,” says Mike Davidson. “Our level of customer service” is what sets Parkway apart from other businesses. “Integrity, character, and trust” are the standards for Parkway.

            Possessing a good product, having good deals, or to simply make money is the purpose of a lot of businesses out there, but the full purpose of Parkway is to simply “glorify God and fix cars in the process.” There still are competitors out there, but Parkway deals with them merely by building relationships with their customers. Customers have clearly noticed this and are pleased with the results.

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