A/C Refrigerent Continues to Increase in Price

 Like gasoline A/C refrigerant has fluctuated upward in price this summer. Two weeks ago the cost doubled for a 30 pound container for repair shops. It is expected to take another hike before the A/C Season comes to an end. Consumers should get their car in sooner rather than later to avoid another price increase at the local shops. The reason for the price increase is always a mystery. Their seems to be ample supply and demand does not appear to be any greater than last year. There has been talk of a new refrigerant coming to the market and that might be driving some increase but like increasing taxes on businesses it always rolls down to the end user – the consumer. So my advice would be to tell your friends and family to get their A/C troubles tended to as soon as possible. Intersting note- my A/C went out on my truck yesterday. I only hope that I can get it repaired. As the shop owner my vehicles are always last, so now I’m thinking I should have waited to write this post.- Mike Davidson

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