5 Simple Tips for Satisfactory Car Maintenance

  1. A well maintained truck or car may last 3 to 4 times longer than a poorly serviced one.
  2. Oil changes for a 1995 or newer vehicle should be scheduled at 5,000 mile intervals
  3. Preventative maintenance items, i.e. general or specific system inspections, tire rotations, and tune ups, scheduled in conjunction with 5,000 mile oil changes, greatly reduce unexpected car repair costs.
  4. Shopping for the cheapest oil change or car repair price may be a very expensive choice.  Poor personnel and parts performance may be reflected in a cheaper estimate.
  5. Independent auto repair facilities, with AAA Motor Club approval, are required to meet standards of excellence that are reflected in both superior personnel and parts used in maintenance or repairs conducted on your vehicle.  Certified technicians and quality parts are a winning combination resulting in customer satisfaction and longer life of your vehicle.

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