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Nitrogen Fill For Tires in Little Rock Arkansas

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

So, everyone in the Little Rock Arkansas area knows how great helium is – you know, party balloons, squeaky voices. But a lot of people around Little Rock still haven’t heard about the benefits of nitrogen in your tires, and how it can help your tires. Here’s some great advice from AutoNetTV, brought to you by Parkway Automotive.

Nitrogen has actually been around for a long time in the Little Rock Arkansas commercial sector, but it’s just starting to catch on for private vehicles in the 72223 zip code area.

Why nitrogen in your tires? Air is air, right? Actually, it turns out there is a difference.

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The heart of the matter is maintaining proper tire inflation. When your tires are properly inflated, they last longer, handle better and more safely, and save you money at the gas pump.

The problem is that tires filled in Little Rock with regular air can lose a pound and a half of air pressure every month. This just happens as the oxygen in the tire seeps out. So if you don’t check your pressure for a month or two, well, you can be significantly low – low enough to actually affect your handling, shorten tire life and waste money at the fuel pump.

How does nitrogen help? Regular air contains about 78% nitrogen. Nitrogen is the largest molecule in air. It’s dry and non-flammable. Air also contains 21% oxygen, which is smaller and seeps out of the tire three to four times faster than nitrogen.

So, a tire filled with nitrogen at Parkway Automotive will take about six months to lose as much pressure as regular air does in just one month. So it’s more forgiving for those who don’t check their pressure every week.

Also, when oxygen is at higher temperatures – like those inside your tire when you’ve been driving for awhile – it oxidizes the inside of your tire. Getting the oxygen out of your tire means that it’ll last longer.

Who’s using nitrogen? Well, let’s start with NASCAR and Indy. These racers like nitrogen’s ability to maintain consistent tire pressure and reduce tire temperatures under very demanding conditions. The US government requires all commercial aircraft to have nitrogen in their tires. NASA and the US Military use nitrogen. The mining industry has been filling those “humongous” tires with nitrogen for years. And semi trucks and trailers are starting to use nitrogen extensively.

You may have heard some detractors of nitrogen. But the studies and white papers from tire and vehicle manufacturers demonstrate that the technology really works.

In fact, a prominent consumer research group did a study where they filled some tires with air and some with nitrogen and stacked them outside for a year. They observed that the nitrogen filled tires did hold their pressure better, but they couldn’t see the economic benefit. But that particular test has very little to do with the real world. Most tires are actually holding up cars and they also get driven around and do a lot of work. So if nitrogen helps them last longer, saves gas and gives safer handling, it’s worth considering.

Learn more about nitrogen in your tires by watching our attached auto tips video from AutoNetTV.

Your Well Trained Technician At Parkway Automotive

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

When your truck has a problem, or just needs some routine service, you might get a little nervous. Your car’s so important to your life in Little Rock, you need to back on the road as soon as possible – with the problem fixed right the first time.

If you’ve ever checked into some of the technician training Parkway Automotive professionals receive, you may be surprised at how much specialized knowledge and skill goes into diagnosing and repairing a modern car. For example: Today there are four cylinder engines that generate more power than the 1980s-era V-8’s. I mean a new V-6 Toyota Camry could beat Sonny Crocket’s Ferrari in a race to sixty.

Your Well Trained Technician At Parkway Automotive

Our engines are more and more powerful and at the same time their fuel economy keeps inching up – even with steep Bryant, Arkansas gas prices. They are also amazingly reliable: Kudos to the automotive engineers at the leading manufacturers. But the advances come at the price of simplicity. The modern cars Bryant, Arkansas auto owners drive around Arkansas expressways are so much more complex from a mechanical standpoint that it makes your head spin – not to mention the electronics.

Some trucks have several networked computers controlling most of the engine functions and many other vehicle operations as well. Bryant, Arkansas motorists take all of this sophistication for granted – but somebody has to fix it when it breaks. It’s a real challenge for Little Rock Parkway Automotive technicians to keep up, but we work hard to stay ahead of the technology. It requires a high level of commitment on the part of the technicians and the Bryant, Arkansas service centers as well.

Parkway Automotive technicians receive training through a combination of formal classroom training, training provided at Parkway Automotive by parts and equipment manufacturers, on-line courses and home study courses.

In addition to the expensive training, there’s the financial commitment for Parkway Automotive to purchase the diagnostic and repair tools.

There are many independent certifications available at Parkway Automotive all the way up to Master Technician. The ability to repair your truck requires a strong combination of training and resources. No one can know everything, so Bryant, Arkansas auto service centers subscribe to data services, technical libraries and even on-line communities that can help them when they run into a difficult problem.

It’s like those medical diagnosis shows on TV. Here are the symptoms – what’s the diagnosis and treatment? Diagnosis is every bit as much an art as a science. At Parkway Automotive, we want everything to be simple, straightforward and inexpensive – but sometimes it just isn’t.

The next time you bring us your truck, don’t worry. You’re in good hands at Parkway Automotive.

Timing Belt Service to Save Big Bucks in Little Rock

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Your engine is like a finely choreographed dance. All the parts have to work together. If the timing is off at the ballet, dancers crash into each other and fall down. It the timing is off in your engine, it may not run at all. One of the most intricate dances in your engine, has to do with the combustion cycle.

Your truck engine has cylinders in which a piston travels up and down. At the top of the cylinders are valves open to bring in the air and fuel. And there are valves that open to let out the exhaust after the fuel has been burned.

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It’s critical that the values be timed to open and close at precisely the right time in the combustion cycle, or the engine will run poorly or not at all.

The timing belt is responsible for rotating the shafts that control the valves. It’s vital and precision work. Timing belts are made of very tough flexible material. They can last a long time. But they eventually wear out and can break. The consequences can be disastrous.

In some engines, the valves actually protrude far enough into the cylinders that they could come in contact with the piston. If the timing belt breaks, the pistons will smash into the valves. Valves get bend or broken. If the engine is spinning fast enough, the broken parts will shred the cylinder head as well. Repairing this damage can cost several thousand dollars.

It’s a sad day when this happens; especially since it usually can be avoided. Manufacturers have issued recommendations for when you should replace your timing belt. For some engines, it’s at 60,000 miles. For others it’s at 90,000 miles or more. If you’re approaching 60,000 miles, or have passed it, make sure you check your owner’s manual or with your Little Rock Arkansas auto service advisor at Parkway Automotive for when the timing belt should be replaced. Don’t let this one slip by.

Now some timing belts are visible and can be inspected. Others are hidden under a protective cover and are hard to get to. Some timing belts also drive the water pump. If you have a leaky water pump, the coolant will contaminate the timing belt and could make it fail sooner. So if you have this kind of engine, get it in to Parkway Automotive for an inspection right away if you have a coolant leak.

Most people in the Conway, Arkansas area with this engine design end up with a new timing belt when they replace the water pump. And when you’re having your timing belt replaced on schedule, check with your Little Rock Arkansas auto service advisor at Parkway Automotive to see if it makes sense to install a new water pump, even if it isn’t currently having problems, since most of the labor is already being done any way for the timing belt replacement.

As a heads up; larger engines will often have metal timing chains rather than belts. The chains don’t need to be replaced like belts.

We’ve already told you how very expensive it can be to get your car running again after a timing belt fails. You also need to know that replacing the timing belt is very labor intensive and is one of the most costly maintenance services you will have. So if you will be at the point where your timing belt should be replaced in the next year or so, ask for an estimate from Parkway Automotive in Little Rock Arkansas so you can begin to prepare for the expense.

We at AutoNetTV are committed to helping you make your driving experience as safe and economical as possible. Parkway Automotive, your Little Rock service center, can be a valuable partner. Please take advantage of their knowledge and experience, and check out for more great auto tips.

The World’s Best Waitress

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

People came from miles around hoping

to be seated in her section. With a blaze of efficiency and

the accuracy of Robin Hood, you knew your food would arrive piping hot and

exactly as ordered. But that wasn’t why they came. It was the little extras that

made sitting in Gail’s section worth the trip.

Her genuine smile and friendly greeting said, “I’m glad you’re here.” Asking

about your family and caring enough to remember made you feel like family.

Her laugh was contagious, and her work ethic was infectious too. Normally after

a good meal you want to relax. Gail made you want to get up and serve

someone. It’s no wonder the place was always full. Why would you go

anywhere else when you could be served by the world’s best waitress?

Leaving Marks

Gail was a master at making people feel good, treating them with respect

and giving them more than what they paid for. It was one of the marks she’s

left on the world.

I too, am one of her “marks”. You see, Gail is my mom. I’m Mike Davidson of

Parkway Automotive – you may know me as The Auto Guy. I learned a lot about

life, and business, from my mom.

By watching her work to raise three children I learned the value of putting in a

full day’s work. When she’d come home with sore feet, she wouldn’t sit down to

rest; many times she was getting ready to go to her second job. I’d occasionally

catch her taking a nap, but that didn’t last long and seemed to give her a boost of

energy that lasted hours.

A Double Lesson

A lesson she taught me was to treat people better than they expect and to

give people more than they pay for. I began my business with this in mind and

have tried to build my business on this foundation.

Roo t Issues

Most people have had bad experiences with auto repair shops.

What I realized is that most of those problems stem from

the same root issue. I know from personal

experience, and from the testimony

of many others, that too many

shops don’t treat you the way

you’d like to be treated.

• You feel like a number, not a

valued customer

• You are left “in the dark” as

they repair your car

• You are given an estimate, but

if it’s wrong, you are still

expected to pay the new amount

• And if you’re dissatisfied, they just

don’t seem to care

Different Way

I vowed to run Parkway differently. I want to treat people the way I would

want to be treated. The Bible calls this The Golden Rule. I call it, good business.

I know that sounds like a cliche, but it really is my heart. This business is a

reflection on me… and my mom. I want it to be a good reflection. And for that

to happen, we need to take care of you.

n Caring for your car… is pretty simple.

• Our technicians are highly trained

• We invest in state-of-the-art equipment

• Your car will be in our air-conditioned building out of the elements

• And this is the only business we are in – so we are very competent

n Caring for you… is more complex.

When you walk through our door, you have a thousand things on your

mind. And getting your car repaired is probably one of the last things you

want to be dealing with.

We understand how frustrating this can be for you. That’s why we do

everything we can to fully understand your situation, keep you informed

throughout the process, repair your car properly and give you the

assurance that we’ll be here for you should anything not be right.

We know that you can take your car to any number of places to get it

repaired. For you to choose Parkway as your preferred service provider, we

have to do more than care for your car. We have to care for you!

n Caring for Your Time

Professionals set appointments so they don’t waste time

• We’ll reserve an appointment for you so you don’t waste time either

• You can also be taken home or to work in our FREE Shuttle

• We can also pick you up when you car is ready to go

n Caring for Your Peace of Mind

• 100% Guarantee on Parts & Labor –

protects you should anything not be right

• Pre-Trip Inspection –

provides comfort and security as you travel with your family

• Used Car Inspection –

gives you confidence in purchasing a vehicle

n Caring for Your Safety

• 111-Point Visual Inspection –

helps to maintain your car and prevent surprises

• 24/7 Help Line –

gives you access to a trusted advisor whenever you need it

• Nationwide Emergency Service – provides timely help

to keep you from being stranded

A Lasting Legacy

I was given a legacy of a diligent work

ethic, treating people well and giving

people more than they pay for. My job is

to ensure that legacy continues.

When your car needs a repair or

routine service, give us a call to set up an

appointment. We’ll greet you with a

smile, take good care of your car and

strive to give you more than you pay for.

Mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mike Davidson

“The Auto Guy”

Little Rock Air Conditioning Service

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Working up a sweat is a great thing to do in a gym around Little Rock, but not in your car. When your car’s AC System has a problem, you’ll often feel it right away. The question is, how long do you put up with it? You know, the old comfort versus cost dilemma. But a more comfortable drive around Little Rock has a lot of benefits, and keeping the AC System well maintained can help prevent expensive repairs.

A common cause for AC failure is water and air in the system. The system does not work as well with air in it. And water can cause rust that leads to damage of the A/C components. Also refrigerant, the stuff that makes the air cold, can leak out, reducing the efficiency of the system, making it work harder to try to cool the air. That is why periodically evacuating the air conditioning system and recharging it keeps the proper amount of clean refrigerant in the system so it cools better and lasts longer.

You should also run the air conditioner regularly, even in the winter, so that it lubricates itself and keeps the seals from drying out. The seals can crack and that leads to leaks. Your owner’s manual will have recommendations for how often to service your air conditioner. Some service centers also have this information as part of their computer databases. Your service advisor at Parkway Automotive can give you more information.

Parkway Automotive
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Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

Of course, if your AC currently isn’t working right, then now is the time to get it checked. Many service centers such as Parkway Automotive can inspect and test your air conditioning and offer evacuation and recharge services. This goes a long way to avoiding having to bring your air conditioner in for major repairs.

Recent environmental laws have stopped the manufacture of Freon, a refrigerant that was common in cars made before 1993. There is a very limited supply of Freon so the price is very steep. It may not be worth its weight in gold, but it probably is worth its weight in silver. If you have an older vehicle that uses Freon, you may want to consider having it retrofitted to use the new EPA-approved R134a refrigerant. It will pay for itself in the long run.