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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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Vehicle Checklist That You Can Do

Monday, August 9th, 2010

LIGHTS:When you pull into your garage or any stationary object turn your headlights on high and low beam to check for correct operation. Walk around your car to make sure all parking and turn signals are operational. Have someone apply the brakes to check your brakelights -dont forget about the high mount brake light located in the middle.

Fluids/Lubricants: Observe the Coolant Resevoir– your owners manual can tell you its exact location – but generally they are located under the hood near the front of the car either on the left or right side. NEVER OPEN A HOT RADIATOR CAP. Observe your hoses while the engine is running look to see if they are bulging. learn how to check your Engine Oil. Turn your engine off, let it sit for a few minutes -overnight is even better-locate the dipstick that should have a bright yellow handle. pull it out, wipe it down to the end, reinsert it and the remove it to read the current level located at the end of the stick. Transmission Fluid is getting harder to check because some have enclosed systems without a dipstick. however the transmission fluid is insprcted with the engine running. use the same method you used for the oil by removing, wiping, reinserting and remove again for the reading. The transmission dipstick will be orange in color.

Battery:  If you can’t see the battery when you raise the hood on your car check your owners manual. Recently the car makers have been hiding them under the rear seat or in the trunk. Inspect your battery for corrision and have it tested at least once a year.

Tires: buy a Tire Pressure  gauge at the local parts store. You will find the correct pressure for your car on the door sticker just insde the driver’s door. yu should inspect them monthly. Another alternative is to have them filled with Nitrogen. Nitrogen maitains tire pressure over ambient temperature changes. this kind of stablity will make your tires last longer and increase your fuel mileage. the tradd depth on your tires should be measured in three places across the tire making sure there is at least 2/32 of tread remaining. Turning a penny upside down the tread should at least touch Lincoln’s head.

General: Clean your regularly, inspect for chips nicks and dents. If you see them you can buy touch-up paint from most any body shop or parts store. Chips in your Windshield  can be repaired if you have it done early. If you let it go you could have to replace the windshield. Blow the Horn to make sure that dog will get out of the way.  Inspect your Mirrors  for cracks and correct operation. Inspect all the Seat Belts  and buckles for correct operation. Windshield Wipers  should stand straight up on the glass not on its side. Applying a chemical called Aquapel  can make your wipers last longer and can help you see better in the rain- especially at night. Washer Fluid  locate the washer fluid reservoir under the hood. Make sure you use a washer fluid solvent or mix so that it will not freeze during cold temperatures.

Mike Davidson- Parkway Automotive

A/C Refrigerent Continues to Increase in Price

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

 Like gasoline A/C refrigerant has fluctuated upward in price this summer. Two weeks ago the cost doubled for a 30 pound container for repair shops. It is expected to take another hike before the A/C Season comes to an end. Consumers should get their car in sooner rather than later to avoid another price increase at the local shops. The reason for the price increase is always a mystery. Their seems to be ample supply and demand does not appear to be any greater than last year. There has been talk of a new refrigerant coming to the market and that might be driving some increase but like increasing taxes on businesses it always rolls down to the end user – the consumer. So my advice would be to tell your friends and family to get their A/C troubles tended to as soon as possible. Intersting note- my A/C went out on my truck yesterday. I only hope that I can get it repaired. As the shop owner my vehicles are always last, so now I’m thinking I should have waited to write this post.- Mike Davidson