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1995 Mercury Grand M.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

My mother has a 1995 mercury grand marquis. She is having a problem with the battery going dead.
I have had it checked, and it is ok. She only drives it about 3 to 6 mile every two weeks.
When the car is running the gauge shows it is charging. We have to charge the battery about every three to four weeks.

What can you tell me to do to fix the problem?

A simple draw test would determine if it is something outside the battery. If it is ok I would replace the battery with a battery that has a longer reserve power.
Mike Davidson
Parkway Automotive

1995 Nissian Quest

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hey Mike,
I have a question on my 1995 Nissan Quest. The back A/C motor quit blowing. I put in a new regulator; the hot wire and ground wire are both hot. The motor still won’t work. But if I ground the ground wire to the seat frame, the motor kicks on high. What do you think the problem could be? I would appreciate your help.

Thank you,
Herman Nickolson

The system bypasses the resistor on high speed. It sounds like there is a problem in the blower motor resistor circuit. Mike Davidson Parkway Automotive

1998 Cadillac Deville

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hi Mike,


I had a new compressor installed a couple of years ago and nothing has worked right since.  I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville.  At first it would blow wonderful cold air but it only blew when it wanted to.  I would never know if I would have air or not the fan would come and go.  Finally this year the computer read out said low on refrigerant,

A/C has been shut down econo only.  Over this couple of years time I called the repairman back several times, at first every time he checked it the crazy thing would work great and he would just laugh.  This year when I had him check it about “low on refrigerant”  he said he tried to add some and it was full??  He thought maybe it might be the fan motor and promised to get back with me.  He scheduled me for pick up a couple of times but never came to get it.  I finally quit calling him.  I rarely drive my car anymore but when I do I’d like to have air!


Do you think this might be the fan motor?  If so, could you give me a ballpark figure to replace it? 


Thank you in advance,



P.S.  I always enjoy watching you on Daybreak


Hi Helen,

Sorry for all the trouble you have had. You’re a/c system is controlled by a computer system. I suspect that the control head may have failed. There needs to be some test performed to know for sure. the cost for testing is usually around $100. the cost for repair could be determined after the test. If you need help finding a place like Parkway Automotive go to our website and click on the NAPA Auto Care logo.

Mike Davidson

Parkway Automotive

2002 Chevy Suburban

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hello Mike
We really enjoy watching you on the news, but it is truly hard for us to get through. So we wanted to ask you a quick question.

We have a 2002 Suburban and we have noticed that on the floor behind the passenger seat is wet constantly, there is no other place in the truck that is wet. At first we thought the kids had waste coke because of the brown line, but yesterday the whole area was wet. Do you have any idea what the problem may be?

Thank you in advance,
The Wade Family
I would look for the a/c drain to see if it is connected to the case. Mike d. Parkway Automotive

1995 Chevy Truck

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hi Mike
I have a 1995 Chevy, P U 350 motor. I hit the key it fires up for about one second then dies .after about five starts it stays running, but it idles fast and then slow. after it warms up it seems to idle fine.
The colder the weather the worse it does it.

I would look for an intake leak or a fuel injector leaking down.
Mike d. Parkway Automotive

2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I have a Pontiac Sunfire 2001.
Today I found out that my back brake lights aren’t working. The single little one higher up on back is working and all other lights are working (backup lights, turn signals (front and rear), hazard lights, headlights). I changed the light bulbs on my brake lights, the brake lights still aren’t working.

What are your thoughts? it seems that it has to be something in the wiring….where would you suggest I start ?……I’ve read that changing out the turn signal switch or to ‘jiggle it” might fix the problem…….

Thanks for the information you share and all the help you give that educates us on our cars. Keep up the wonderful work!

Check the rear turn signal operation. Test for 12v to the turn signal switch, White wire, pin A of the turn signal switch, brake pedal applied. If 12v is present, replace the turn signal switch.
Mike Davidson Parkway Automotive

2007 Ford Fusion

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Q. I always watch your segment on KATV and am constantly amazed at your extensive knowledge about all makes and models of cars! I have a question about my air conditioner on my 07 Fusion. When I have my AC on MAX with the recirculation on, it will “cycle” up and down. I try to really pay attention when it happens to see if it occurs when my speed is lower, the fan will back down and then speed up again. It only slows down for a few seconds, then speeds back up and blows the air out at the normal level again. I have had it at the dealership and they say it is normal but I have never been in another car where this happened. I have just over 35,000 miles on the car and my warranty is up at 36,000. Should I take it back in?

Thanks so much for your time and expertise. I appreciate any advice you may have for me.


Melissa F

A. Check the barcode number on the blower motor- if it is 52423994, ask the dealer to replace it. It should be under warranty. You may reference them to Technical Service Bulletin # 08-6-1 Mike Davidson .- Parkway Automotive

leaking Sunroofs

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


Q. It has a sun roof

The passenger floor is wet. (very wet)

It has happened recently with all the rain.

The header appears to be damp on the passenger side Where should I look for the leak  sun roof? or window gasket? or other Thanks


Enjoy watching you on channel 7


A. The sunroof has drains usually located in all 4 corners. Look for one or more being clogged. Sunroofs can be very delicate to work with so I would recommend taking it to Ace Top Shop in Little rock (501) 562-2320. Most NAPA Auto Care Centers like Parkway Automotive do not repair sunroofs.

The Auto Guy answers questions august 5th 2009

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


Q. I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu and the wipers wouldn’t stop moving then they finally stopped and won’t come back on. What do you think?


A. Test for voltage at the wiper motor. If you have 12 volts replace the motor. If not then the switch itself has most likely failed. If you are unable to run these test yourself consider a NAPA Auto Care Center like Parkway Automotive. You can find one near you by clicking on the NAPA Auto Care link found on our homepage

2005 Chevy Silverado

Q. Mike:


My husband has a 2005 Chevy Silverado that smokes when you start it.  It will only smoke when the truck is started then it stops.  We had the valve seals replaced thinking that would remedy the problem but it is still doing it.  I just wanted to see what your thought about might be.



A. I’m sure you were close but most likely the valve guides are worn inside the cylinder heads. It will require the heads to be removed. If you are unable perform this repair yourself consider a NAPA Auto Care Center like Parkway Automotive. You can find one near you by clicking on the NAPA Auto Care link found on our homepage



Q. have a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4WD.  4.3, 6 Cylinder, Automatic 4-spd with roughly 103,000 miles on it.  My problem seems to surface every summer time since I’ve owned it and I have had it at a Chevy dealership hooked up to a diag machine to address this specific issue but the diag machine gave me inconclusive results.  In fact, one of the head mechanics was able to drive the truck and regenerate the problem but was unsuccessful in pinpointing the issue.  Let me also note that a “check engine” light has not came up when this problem surfaces.  Up to this point, we have replaced the spark plugs as well as wiring.  So here is what the symptoms are:  When the outside temperature is at 95 degrees or hotter, the engine will all of the sudden act as if you have taken your foot completely off of the gas pedal and the tac will suddenly decrease and the engine will die.  I have found that when it starts to idle down like I described above, letting off of the gas pedal and the re-applying pressure will “revive” it and it will acknowledge the pushing of the gas pedal.  Sometimes that will temporally resolve the issue while usually it will do it a series of times, then it will drive fine for a few miles.  If I am able to, I will pull the car over, pop the hood and let it cool off for 30 minutes or so the resume driving.  This seems to temporally resolve the problem.  I am out of ideas so any assistance in identifying the issue will be greatly appreciated!



A. it sounds like the fuel pump is failing.  You should have a fuel pressure test performed. Remember to always replace the fuel filter when you replace the pump. If you are unable to run these test yourself consider a NAPA Auto Care Center like Parkway Automotive. You can find one near you by clicking on the NAPA Auto Care link found on our homepage