2007 Ford Fusion

Q. I always watch your segment on KATV and am constantly amazed at your extensive knowledge about all makes and models of cars! I have a question about my air conditioner on my 07 Fusion. When I have my AC on MAX with the recirculation on, it will “cycle” up and down. I try to really pay attention when it happens to see if it occurs when my speed is lower, the fan will back down and then speed up again. It only slows down for a few seconds, then speeds back up and blows the air out at the normal level again. I have had it at the dealership and they say it is normal but I have never been in another car where this happened. I have just over 35,000 miles on the car and my warranty is up at 36,000. Should I take it back in?

Thanks so much for your time and expertise. I appreciate any advice you may have for me.


Melissa F

A. Check the barcode number on the blower motor- if it is 52423994, ask the dealer to replace it. It should be under warranty. You may reference them to Technical Service Bulletin # 08-6-1 Mike Davidson .- Parkway Automotive


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