Q. I have a 2005 Honda Accord EX, 4 cylinder, automatic with 104,000 miles.The tires are fairly new and have been rotated and balanced recently. 

The car has a slight vibration in the steering wheel.  After it gets up to speed it has an overpowering roar inside.  I can’t believe this nice of car would have such a loud ride.  Surely this isn’t normal.  Have any ideas for me?

 Thank you, 

Jane B

Star City, AR


A. If your car were out of alignment it can cause some abnormal tire wear that would cause a noise. However the noise may not show up until you rotate the tires. I would rotate the tires again to see if the noise changes locations. If it does it is most likely the tires being worn due to an alignment condition. If the noise stays the same it is most likely a wheel bearing.

Mike Davidson

Parkway Automotive

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