2001 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a Pontiac Sunfire 2001.
Today I found out that my back brake lights aren’t working. The single little one higher up on back is working and all other lights are working (backup lights, turn signals (front and rear), hazard lights, headlights). I changed the light bulbs on my brake lights, the brake lights still aren’t working.

What are your thoughts? it seems that it has to be something in the wiring….where would you suggest I start ?……I’ve read that changing out the turn signal switch or to ‘jiggle it” might fix the problem…….

Thanks for the information you share and all the help you give that educates us on our cars. Keep up the wonderful work!

Check the rear turn signal operation. Test for 12v to the turn signal switch, White wire, pin A of the turn signal switch, brake pedal applied. If 12v is present, replace the turn signal switch.
Mike Davidson Parkway Automotive


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