1998 Cadillac Deville

Hi Mike,


I had a new compressor installed a couple of years ago and nothing has worked right since.  I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville.  At first it would blow wonderful cold air but it only blew when it wanted to.  I would never know if I would have air or not the fan would come and go.  Finally this year the computer read out said low on refrigerant,

A/C has been shut down econo only.  Over this couple of years time I called the repairman back several times, at first every time he checked it the crazy thing would work great and he would just laugh.  This year when I had him check it about “low on refrigerant”  he said he tried to add some and it was full??  He thought maybe it might be the fan motor and promised to get back with me.  He scheduled me for pick up a couple of times but never came to get it.  I finally quit calling him.  I rarely drive my car anymore but when I do I’d like to have air!


Do you think this might be the fan motor?  If so, could you give me a ballpark figure to replace it? 


Thank you in advance,



P.S.  I always enjoy watching you on Daybreak


Hi Helen,

Sorry for all the trouble you have had. You’re a/c system is controlled by a computer system. I suspect that the control head may have failed. There needs to be some test performed to know for sure. the cost for testing is usually around $100. the cost for repair could be determined after the test. If you need help finding a place like Parkway Automotive go to our website www.parkwayautomotive.net and click on the NAPA Auto Care logo.

Mike Davidson

Parkway Automotive


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